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Standard Advertiser Terms and Conditions

staticICE (ABN 95 989 670 953) provides an automated advertising system for Advertisers to use in agreement and in accordance to these terms and conditions. Please carefully read these terms and conditions before registering and accessing the staticICE advertising system.

Once your staticICE Advertiser account is approved, you, the account registrant and business/company, agree to be bounds by these Terms and Conditions. Your agreement and obligation to these Terms and Conditions can not be transferred or assigned to any other parties.

Advertiser approval
staticICE will manually review all applications for a staticICE Advertiser account. staticICE reserves the right to make the final decision on approving applicants.

You do not have to be a listed retailer on the staticICE web site to advertise on staticICE. All Australian businesses and companies are encouraged to become a staticICE Advertiser. However, private individuals are not permitted to register for a staticICE Advertiser account.

Each business or company are allowed to apply for one and exactly one staticICE Advertiser account.

Advertisement content and appropriateness
The staticICE advertisement system is driven entirely through automated software. This means that Advertisers are in full control of the advertisements that are run on staticICE without intervention from staticICE staff. Hence, staticICE does not filter out or review the appropriateness or authenticity of every advertised goods or services and is not liable for any loss, damages or privacy violation in the relation of the advertised goods or services.

You will agree that any created advertisements:
  • Do not violate any laws or conducts set out in your state or country;

  • Do not contain, reference, imply or link to any adult content such as gambling and pornography;

  • Do not contain, reference, imply or link to any dangerous products or activities that may cause harm or death such as explosives or illegal goods or services;

  • Do not contain any language that is explicit, discriminatory, indecent, threatening, intimidating, abusive, blasphemous, deceptive or misleading;

  • Do not infringe on any intellectual rights such copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc.; and

  • The goods or service provided are legitimate;

  • All sold goods must be brand new;

  • The availability and description of goods or services is true and accurate when the advertisement is run. You must disable or delete your advertisement as soon as you determine the advertised goods or services are no longer available or applicable;

  • You are in a legal position or legally authorised to sell or offer the advertised goods or services;

  • You agree to indemnify and hold harmless staticICE and its providers from any claims and expenses, including legal fees in relation to the sales and use of your advertised goods and services.

You will also try to abide by these advertising guidelines:
  • Proper casing
    No ALL CAPS descriptions or titles. Use proper sentence casing.

  • Proper punctuation
    Avoid exclamation marks by ending descriptions with a simple full stop. Multiple exclamation marks are strictly forbidden.

  • No double advertising
    Do not advertise the same product more than once at any one time.

  • Include GST in all quoted prices
    All quoted prices should include GST.
If you are unsure of the appropriateness of your advertisement content, please contact the staticICE Support staff for clarification through the Support Area in your staticICE Advertiser account.

staticICE will occasionally randomly review the advertisements displayed on the staticICE web site. staticICE reserves the right to edit, refuse or disable any advertisements it deems inappropriate. staticICE reserves the right to make the final decision on the appropriateness of advertisements displayed on the staticICE web site.

Advertisements can only be managed via the proprietary staticICE advertising system. Advertisements will not be accepted via ftp, telephone, fax or other mediums.

Banner Advertising Terms and Conditions
  • Banner pre-approval:

    • Your banner will be subjectively reviewed by the staticICE business manager to ensure eye-friendliness on the staticICE website.

    • Banner advertising charges may vary monthly in accordance to demand and page impressions that we receive.

    • The rate that is charged is the effective rate at the time your ad campaign is run and can change at the beginning of each calendar month without notice.

  • Once your banner advertisement is approved:

    • You can cancel your ad campaign, free of any fees or charges, no later than seven days before the ad campaign is due to run.

    • Cancelling your ad campaign within seven days of when the banner ad will run will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the minimum banner ad campaign charge.

    • All banner advertisements on staticICE must be pre-paid. This means that your staticICE advertising account must have sufficient funds to cover the duration of the banner ad campaign.

    • Once we receive confirmation of your payment to staticICE, we will enter your advertisement into the staticICE ad system.

  • Once your banner ad is running:

    • You cannot stop or pause the banner advertisement.

    • In the event that a start date and end date is specified for a banner campaign, staticICE will run the banner in accordance to the start and end dates irrespective of the approximate number of impressions initially estimated (unless otherwise advised by the Advertiser).

    • Banners are sold in a monthly minimum impression slot. Only one banner can be run in any one slot. Additional banner slots may be purchased from staticICE (subject to availability) to run the same or additional banners.

    • Each submitted banner must run for a minimum of two consecutive weeks.

    • Changing your banner may be subject to a banner change fee. New banner is subject to approval by staticICE.

    • You must ensure sufficient funds in your staticICE member account throughout the duration of your banner advertisement campaign. If you deplete your funds whilst your banner is running, your banner will also cease to run on the staticICE web site immediately and the difference between the minimum banner charge and the incurred costs will be charged to your account.

    • A fixed number of banner slots are allocated to each ad space to which your ad will be randomly rotated.

  • Banner ad costs and impressions are not updated in real-time. This means that the number of impressions of your banner (and costs charged to your account) will be slightly more than what you have purchased.
Advertisement links
You warrant and agree that any links from any advertisements that you link to:
  • That you are in a legal position to link to that site;

  • staticICE is neither liable nor responsible for the content or activity of any external links from our web site;

  • That the link points to a valid URL; and

  • That search engines spiders or bots may follow your link from the staticICE web site and extract information from your site.

Account re-enabling fees
If your staticICE Advertiser is account is disabled, a fee may be charged to re-enable your account.

Advertisement fees and charges
The staticICE advertising system works on a pre-pay model. That is, you must first credit your staticICE account with the agreed amount before your advertisements are advertised on staticICE. Fees and charges arising from impressions or clicks on your advertisements will then be debited from your staticICE account.

The cost management system on staticICE is not updated in real-time. Charges to your account in relation to advertisements are debited from your staticICE account periodically throughout the day. This means that your staticICE balance may potentially fall below zero dollars.

staticICE is reponsible for calculating incurred advertising costs and will deduct the relevant amount from our advertisers pre-paid account. Charges will be calculated solely from our records. No other measurements or statistics of any kind shall be accepted by staticICE.
Support fees
staticICE provides free support in relation to the service provided by the staticICE advertising system. However, we do not provide technical or consulting services for creating or managing your advertisements.
As a staticICE advertiser, you are obligated to pay all fees, charges and taxes, in accordance to the goods and services that you receive from staticICE. You will be liable for any expenses incurred (including legal fees) to collect outstanding debts.

You agree that on crediting your staticICE account, that the source of funds are from a valid bank account or a valid credit card account. You also acknowledge that you are, or have the legal permission of, the bank account or credit card owners to make the payment to staticICE.

Your staticICE account balance and transaction history can be viewed in the Account Details page when you log into your staticICE Advertiser account. It is your responsibility to check your staticICE account balance regularly and replenish it when it is low.

Making payments to staticICE may be subject to minimum and maximum transactional amounts. Please make sure you abide by these amounts prior making a payment to staticICE. These are clearly described on the Payment Options page once you log into your staticICE Advertiser account.

Service disruptions
staticICE strives to provide a reliable, robust and stable search engine and advertising system subject to the following exceptions:
  • The staticICE web site is hosted through a third party and staticICE will not be liable for any loss, downtime or damages as a result of disruptions from our web hosting provider and its affiliates.

  • Updates to the staticICE web site may cause short disruptions to the service provided by staticICE. Only critical bug fixes will be deployed during peak hours.

  • You must notify staticICE of any bugs in the service provided by staticICE immediately. If your staticICE account is incorrectly charged, you may receive compensation, limited to the incorrect charges, at the discrete decision of staticICE management.

All data in the staticICE advertising system are copyright and owned by staticICE. You may not:

  • Mirror or resell the services provided by the staticICE Advertising system;

  • Link into our advertising system or use any scripts to access our advertising system; or

  • Sell or re-sell consulting services for managing advertisements on staticICE.
Refund policy
Funds that have been deposited in the staticICE account are non-refundable after seven days that staticICE receives payment.

Refunds may take several days to process before funds are cleared into your account. Payments will only be transferred back into the original source account of funds.

staticICE reserves the right to terminate your staticICE Advertiser account without refunding your account balance if you breach the agreement set within these Terms and Conditions.

Privacy policy
staticICE respects and protects the privacy of businesses and companies that use the staticICE Advertising system. Financial information and advertising patterns identifiable to a single business or company will not be disclosed to third parties.

However, by advertising on staticICE, you grant permission to staticICE to reference your business or company name as a staticICE Advertiser in any staticICE marketing material.

staticICE does store data in relation to advertisements for informational, reporting and marketing purposes. staticICE may share reports with its business partners but by no means are financial information or advertising patterns identifiable to a business or company disclosed.

staticICE does use Cookies when you access the staticICE Advertising system.

All advertisement details are confidential between staticICE and the Advertiser.

Updates to Terms and Conditions
staticICE reserves the right to make changes to its products and services offered and its pricing structure on the goods and services offered by staticICE at any time without notice.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact details are accurate and that you regularly check these items for updates. If you are dissatisfied with the new changes, you have the right to terminate your staticICE account without penalties in accordance to the original Terms and Conditions. Any changes to these terms and conditions will be assumed agreed on by your acceptance of these terms.

Complaints and disputes
staticICE strives to provide a high quality and professional level of service to all business partners. All complaints and disputes should be addressed to

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